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How do I find the right local photographer for my brand, project or location.

creative-headshot-outdoors reigate

As an established business, marketing professional or new start up, finding imagery and photography that tells your brand story in an authentic and creative way can be challenging, especially with so much stock imagery competing for attention.  Now AI promises unlimited potential, perhaps without originality or connection to humanity that we all crave.

Authenticity is the word I would keep coming back to. When a customer finds our product or service online they want to engage with you personally, to make a connection.  Much as we would do if we went into a shop on our local high street or met with a heating engineer, gardener or private tutor.  A photograph can convey visually that you are a real business, brand or person that will reciprocate the connection.

Personally I like to look at the ‘about us’ or ‘about me’ pages of a brand or business so I know that I know who I’m going to be interacting with and that also have as sense of there values. Which are usually expressed in how the photographs are taken. Which might be highly stylised with a great deal of attention or they might be very informal, natural looking with a playfulness. All of these visual cues give us an insight into whether we are aligned with the business or brand values and also will they align with our requirements for perhaps being professional and formal or playful and spontaneous. 

I love to work with emerging brands and also well established business to help elevate their website and social media  and provide imagery which they feel aligns with current and prospective customer experiences.

I work closely with business owners in my local area of Reigate, Dorking, Redhill, Crawley and the surrounding Surrey Area. Here are some examples of the different ways I have helped to capture a different feel and  take to my portraits and brand photography.

Diamond Executive Aviation

Mathworks Cambridge

1Spatial Board Portraits

office-portrait-relaxed nature based

solicitor headshot Surrey
Stanes Rand Portraits
musicion-portrait-headshot Surrey
Imran Khan Portrait

ACC Aviation

engineering headshot at work Surrey product engineering Surrey

Antoine Baschiera
CEO – Early Metrics
Peter Soer Portrait friendly headshot reigate
Peter Soer
story-telling-brand-buisness meeting
Whitely Asset Managment
Surrey beautiful-headshot
Whitely Asset Managment

creative-headshot-outdoors reigate in-nature-portrait-surrrey

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