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I undertake photography for both NHS and private healthcare providers. With over 20 years of extensive experience gained taking photographs in some of the most challenging and sensitive hospital environments. A&E, operating theatres, intensive care units, busy paediatric wards. I understand the need to remain respectful and mindful of staff at work and patient privacy and well being. In the busiest of environments, I aim to bring a minimum of equipment and work quickly to not keep any staff from their work or disrupt services. 

The photography requirements of healthcare clients often centre around strong storytelling briefs with the need to emphasise people interaction and care alongside cutting edge technology and highly skilled practitioners. I aim to help my clients tell they’re important stories while creating visually engaging and often iconic imagery with real patients and staff and sometimes recreating real-life situations with professional models. One of the most important factors in making healthcare photography successful and perhaps enjoyable for all the persons involved is having the confidence and experience to make the creative process both fun and effortless.