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Shooting Engaging Lively Corporate Portraits

ACC Aviation recently launched an excellent new website. I was fortunate to be asked to take the corporate portraits of their staff which feature on the new website. Taken over 3 days at ACC Aviation’s new HQ the results are lively and fun and reflect well the very friendly staff.


The brief was to capture a spontaneous and natural shot of each member of staff member including the senior management. Simple lighting and dark background.


After an initial scout of the offices. It was decided we would shoot in the always dependable meeting room. I went about the photography by using a single strobe light with a fast recycle time and short duration. This meant that I could keep taking shots while the conversation flowed, capturing the lively and naturally engaged moments. The light itself was modified using a 6 ft Octa soft box with grid. I chose to use the grid because the space was tight. Using the grid avoided light spill onto the background and other surfaces close by, this often results in unintentional fill of the shadows and a flat looking subject. These particular shots were helped with great banter from Marketing Manager Emily Nesbitt.


Corporate Portrait Photograph of executive for ACC AviationEngaged gentleman smiling holding glasses for Corporate Portrait PhotographCorporate Portrait Photograph
Corporate Portrait Photograph of executive for ACC Aviation

Corporate Portrait Photograph of executive for ACC Aviation
ACC Aviation

ACC Aviation Engaged Lively Corporate Portrait Photograph

ACC Aviation specialises in aircraft leasing, charter and the supply and refurbishment of aircraft seating. The Headquarters are based in Reigate just outside London. More information about my corporate photography service

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