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Specialising in ultra high quality composite architectural photography. I shoot photographs of architecture that retains the ambience of natural light combined with internal or external lighting schemes. These images look and feel different to conventional architectural photography. Colours are accurate and vibrant, there are no odd mixed colour casts such as the blue and yellow colours, often seen when the incorrect white balance is used for a particular light source. Instead all the light sources look as close to  real life as possible.

External light is balanced realistically with the internal light so that the outside does not disappear but retains detail without looking artificial. External daylight looks as though it is entering and lighting the room rather than existing only outside with the internal space appearing to be lit from within. The technique of balancing all the natural light sources creates an image that is three dimensional with texture and character.

I use lenses that correct for perspective rather than use digital perspective correction in post which limits the view point of the camera and usually results in the camera either being being placed too low down or distorting objects close to the lens. Lenses that correct for perspective by shifting up or down on the camera enable the camera to be placed at whatever hight is most appropriate for the composition required. 

All of this combined I believe brings the vision of the architect to life in a two dimensional  photograph. It would be arrogant to think that it’s possible capture the summation of the hard work an architect puts into designing a built space or indeed the years of experience and training that an architect has invested in each project. Photography cannot come close to the architects entire vision but it can remain as true to the vision as possible without getting in the way or losing sight of a particular projects intention.


Architecture photography blog - kitchen interior

I live and work in Surrey and travel to nearby locations in London, Sussex, Berkshire and Kent to shoot architecture and interiors.

More about my approach and technique to capturing ultra high quality architectural photographs >

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