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Usage license agreement

I offer two types of license, a non transferable and non exclusive Standard Licence and Extended Licence.

The standard licence allows the use of digital media for any personal and commercial purposes except those restricted by the license at which point an extended licence will be required.

The extended licence licence allows all uses as provided by the standard licence and broadcast media


For the purposes of this agreement “the Agency and ‘the Advertiser’ shall where the context admits include their respective assignees, sub-licences and successors in title. In cases where the photographer’s client is a direct client (i.e. with no agency or intermediary), all references in this agreement to both ‘the Agency and ‘the Advertiser’ shall be interpreted as references to the photographer’s client.

‘Photographer’ means Alex Orrow

‘Digital media’ means all material furnished by the photographer, whether digital images or digital video.


Exclusivity: Non Exclusive

Copyright:  Retained by the Photographer Alex Orrow. Non transferable.

Time period: 1 year

Territory: Worldwide

Media: All media except out of home advertising and broadcast media


Exclusivity: Non Exclusive

Copyright:  Retained by the Photographer Alex Orrow. Non transferable.

Time period: Perpetual

Territory: Worldwide

Media: All media unless restricted.


Standard and extended licences come with non exclusive use, meaning that the the Agency and the Advertiser do not have exclusive rights to use the content. The photographer can license the same digital media to other clients.

Right to a Credit 
A credit must be provided for any editorial use. The credit line must include in full the following (Credit: © Alex Orrow. All Rights Reserved.)

All digital media will remain the copyright of Alex Orrow. Any third party (service providers/clients to the advertiser) resale or use of the image(s), may be granted at additional cost and all enquiries for the purchase of those image(s) directed to Alex Orrow. The right to use the digital media is not transferable or sub licensable to anyone else.

Time Period of Use
How long the licence is valid for. Perpetual, meaning there is no time limit on how long the digital media can be used.

Territory of Use
The geographic region the media types are valid in. Standard use licence includes worldwide.

The type of publication media and format licensed. The digital media can be used in an unlimited number of projects and in any media. E.g. personal use, website, blog, social media, corporate presentations, marketing campaigns, press and pr and advertisements. 

Restricted under the standard licence CD’s, DVD,s Games, NFT’s, mobile applications and electronic templates.

RESTRICTED USES UNDER the Standard and Extended Licenses

No political campaigns.

No use in trademark or logo.

No standalone File use: Digital media may not be used in a way that allows others to download, extract or distribute the digital media as standalone file separate to the project or end use.

No unlawful use: to promote hatred, violence or in a defamatory manner.