Photography for Public Relations and Marketing

AUTHENTIC STORY TELLING PHOTOGRAPHY​ including creative portraiture, healthcare, and architecure

As an experienced photographer, I offer a specialised service in capturing authentic story telling photographs of people, environments and architecture that are specifically designed to promote products or services for a variety of purposes. 

I enjoy working with people and often receive compliments about how enjoyable or relaxed my shoots are. With a keen eye for detail, I am able to make sure that only the necessary elements required to tell the story are included for each photograph and these elements are in sharp focus, the colours are accurate and vivid. 

My ability to work under tight deadlines is unmatched, and I can work alone or in collaboration with art direction during pre-shoot, shoot and post shoot production stages to make sure that we get the right shots that will make your clients shine brightly. 

Shoot fees start at £180 plus VAT

In order to provide the best value and flexibility I include a set number of individually processed and optimised images of the highest quality. The entirety of the images produced form the shoot will be supplied as a batch processed jpg. In this way you’re not paying post production fees for images that are only needed for less critical use or will just be kept on file. 

Additional added value with image delivery and storage.

  • Every image is stored online in an easily accessible, dedicated and secure client collection and shoot specific gallery. 
  • Tools for collaboration, image rating and proofing. 
  • Various levels of security and access can be configured. 
  • Every commission is retained without time limit online and is accessible any time.
  • For social marketers there is a dedicated mobile app that provides fast social media sharing and access to the entire online collection. 

Please get in touch with me directly to discuss any ideas or to receive a quote for your next campaign.

Reigate, Surrey


mobile. +44 (0) 7768 152 787


Alex Orrow is a commercial photographer working throughout London, Reigate, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Specialising in commercial, corporate, portraiture, architecture and healthcare photography.

Images and video copyright Alex Orrow. All Rights Reserved.