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Cinematic Style Drone Landscape Footage – Through Misty Pines

Atmospheric cinematic drone journey around the misty pines trees of Leith Hill, Surrey UK.

This short experiment in capturing drone footage in a wooded location, is intended to test the capabilities and settings of the Mavic 2 flying under tree canopy to capture smooth cinematic style footage in an autumnal woodland. On the day of filming I started early, conditions were very foggy and cold. I had to wait for the light to become usable and for the mist to clear enough to see the drone and other aircraft users during high level shots.

Conditions did not seem to be improving and decided to return home, however as the sun rose and warmed the landscape the mist and fog started clearing to useable levels.

Filmed using the DJI Mavic Pro 2 – Photographs from the shoot can be seen on another page: Leith Hill Drone Landscape Photography 

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