Commission Workflow

All my images are shot in RAW format on high resolution DSLR. I follow a fully colour managed workflow and where necessary communicate with printers to achieve the appropriate results. The resulting digital files are fully edited and low resolution watermarked previews are supplied either on optical disc or via an online web gallery with access to download the files.

From these previews its possible to select bespoke individually optimised, colour balanced and retouched full resolution digital files. This is the best option to achieve the highest quality results. Retouching is carried out at my discretion, but usually includes the removal of dust, hair and anything unsightly. For more elaborate retouching a quote can be provided to accomplish any creative requirements. Bespoke files are usually the preferred choice although as an alternative, all the files can be batch supplied as high resolution jpeg files with settings similar to the previews. All Images can be supplied as a download, on optical media or hard drive.

I work on location at a clients workspace or specified environment occasionally hiring studio space when necessary, working with the available light or supplementing this with additional lighting or completely substituting existing lighting to create a specific look and tone to the final result.

Full Resolution Image Dimensions and Size for RGB JPG and TIFF Files:

There are two choices of full resolution file size available each depends on the project and final use of the image.

Large 7360 x 4912 px
JPG – 19.1mb
TIFF – 217mb – 8bit
Small 2784 x 1848 px
JPG – 6.3mb
TIFF – 72mb – 8bit