New Look Archive Website

The platform I use to supply and archive images online has been redesigned by photoshelter. The interface is more streamlined, updated to be responsive to screen size and provides better tools for social media sharing. To complement my expanding online archive of stock images I intend to begin uploading more images taken locally within Surrey for purchase under licence.

New Website Launch

I am very pleased and excited to announce the launch of my new commercial photography  website.

Designed to attract the interest of  creatives and in house marketing professionals by providing a streamlined single page of information with immediate and functional portfolio browsing. The result is a minimalist gallery presentation which resizes and responds to different mobile devices and screen sizes. Developer James Lindeman provides a little insight into the thought process to achieve this.

‘Full screen or large images on websites can work really well, and it may have seemed like an obvious place to start here. Although after a few prototypes we realised we actually wanted to avoid setting a pace, at least when someone first loads the page, and we wanted that experience to feel very similar across various devices and screen sizes. After more work on the gallery we found something we felt fit. The user has the option to browse a lot of images almost straight away without the gallery compromising other content by forcing a change in pace.

Although there are some subtle and necessary differences to the design on different devices and screen sizes, we tried to make these small. There is no mobile ’version’ of the site. The content available is the same whether on a smart phone or large desktop computer. The images in the gallery load depending on your viewable area which is intended to keep the site as fast as it can be without trying to guess your bandwidth or intended use.’

Alex Orrow is a corporate and commercial photographer based in Cambridge. –
James Lindeman is a web developer based in Nottingham –

Cambridge Photographer Alex Orrow Photography Website Screen Shot

Please share this with colleagues and anyone interested in creative photography and web design.

Personal Avatar Size Reference Guide

A useful guide to social media avatar sizes.

facebook logo

Facebook: Lets you display up to a rectangular image 180 pixels wide x 540 pixels tall while showing avatars of 50×50 pixels elsewhere.


LinkedIn: Sidebar images measure 40 × 40 pixels and profile page images can be 80×80 pixels.

twitter logo

Twitter: Profile pages display images at 73 × 73 pixels while showing avatars at 48 × 48, 31 × 31 and 24 × 24 pixels elsewhere.


Google: Gmail (96 × 96 pixels) and Friend Connect (both 82 × 82 and 40 × 40 pixels) use different images, the image sizes aren’t too different.


Yahoo!: Pulse is Yahoo’s Facebook-like site. The Profile page has your square image at 128 x 128 pixels, but the most-used size is the reduced 32 x 32 that appears near comments.


Myspace: Allows up to 158 × 158 pixels for an image on the profile page, and uses 28 × 28 pixel icons everywhere else.

Latest Commission: Photographer in Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens new website is now live. Results from 2 days of intensive photography is displayed throughout the site.

Previous post on the photographer at the garden. Cambridge-university-botanic-garden-photography

Update ‘How will the Sun affect my photograph’

In conjunction with my previous post I have discovered a great free desktop application, for tracking the sun’s movememnt through the day at any location throughout the world. Thanks to a blog post on David Tejada’s site. You can now use the ‘The photographer’s Ephemeris‘ Tool to see very comprehensive information about the Sun and Moon’s position overlaid on a satellite image map. If used  with the Elevation of Obstacle Calculator you can determine the precise distance of shadow fall from an object with the sun behind.

Latest Commission: Cintra Website Photography – Cambridge based translation and interpreting service

Cintra’s new website is now live. The cambridge based translation and interpreting company asked me to photograph their staff over 2 days in August to provide assets for a new website. Due to the high number of calls made to the companies booking team and the different staff available on any given day. It was not possible to shoot all of the staff together at one time and so we decided to shoot the group of about 20 staff in 4 groups which were then comped together using photoshop. An example of the result will be posted soon.

Online Client Gallery

It is now possible for clients to view images after a photo shoot online without downloading any files. Full resolution files can be selected and shared with the lightbox facility. In addition to commercial commissioned work, the online gallery serves as an archive for stock images available for purchase under licence. As well as the purchase of prints and images with a personal use licence. Take a look at the gallery site!

The site is straightforward to use and provides facilities to share galleries and images via facebook, twitter and email. The lightbox feature is particularly useful to create a selection of favourite images which can be shared between registered users. It can also serve as a means to order or download full resolution image files. Please contact Alex Orrow directly to discuss the great benefits of an online gallery to archive and share your images.

Avatar Social Media Photography

Currently planning and designing new social media photography service. The growth in social media website’s and services has meant that many people are using image avatars as a way to stand out from the crowd. While the principles of taking the portrait are the same the attention is shifted to making the image have more appeal and personality when seen at smaller size and with a smaller pixel count.

A professional portrait reflecting your personality, saying something about who you are can be very enticing. I will also be posting some advice on how to take your own images for use on website profile pages or social media. I would welcome any feedback or suggestions for this service.

Social Media Avatar Photography

Social Media Avatar Photography

News: Cambridgeshire Mencap Photography and New Website!

At the begining of the summer of 2009  I was asked by the marketing and communications team of Cambridgeshire Mencap to undertake photography for a new website and to update existing library images. The work involved visiting many of the homes, services and activities of the service users over a period of just under 3 months. With the aim of the photography to capture creative natural and fun images of volunteers, activities and service users.

Work is now complete on the new Cambridgeshire Mencap website and the site is now live. Cambridgeshire Mencap is a charity based in Cambridge, UK and supports local people with learning disabilities. Their important work encompasses supported living, access to community activites and training. They also support parents and carers providing them with information, advice on relevant issues and backup when they need a rest. Undertaking photography work for Mencap was a real joy and great learning experience for me, and gave me a better insight into the lives of those with learning disabilities and the conditions associated with having a learning disability. As well as the parents and people who support and care for them.

More information about this interesting commission and examples of the results can be viewed here.

Cambridge Mencap Photography Commission

2 month Cambridge Mencap photography commission close to completion. Results and insights posted here soon. Currently completing final images for the new Cambridge Mencap marketing campaign with new leaflets and website.