Nikon D4 Shutter burst in Slow Motion

This video shows in slow motion what happens inside the mirror housing of a Nikon D4 as the shutter is released at 10 Frames per second at 1/200th of a second shutter speed. The vibration created during this short burst is not surprising. Despite the amazing mechanics its surprising how antiquated it all appears, it seems likely that the next generation of Nikon  DSLR will be mirror less.

Will Video Kill The Photographer? Hasselblad vs Red Epic

This is in an interesting video I came across via fstoppers blog, Comparing the 14mp Red Epic with a Hasselblad H3d-22. The video shows headshot photographer Peter Hurley shooting a model with the Red Epic and then pulling stills from the footage to be printed and compared to stills shot with the Hasselblad in the same setup. The comparison is interesting not so much for the printed results but how Peter had to change his approach to working with the model and the time spent editing the footage. Read the full post here.

Street Congestion 1906 San Francisco, California

Filmed from a tram in 1906 San Francisco. Could not resist posting this, as its a fascinating look back in time at how probably, many streets in large cities looked at the turn of the 20th century. With horse and cart, pedestrians, trams and cyclists all using the street at the same time! Our city streets seem quite sedate by comparison.

San Francisco exact same view and perspective filmed in 2005