Unlimited Online Image Storage

Data Centre Racks

I now provide free of charge with every photoshoot long term cloud storage, back up and gallery review for all your licensed images and low resolution image files.

This means that you can be sure of safe and secure storage of your images with 24/7 access.  If you lose your images or you need to review a past photoshoot, you can quickly find your organisations galleries or collection. To view historical shoots you simply need to log in to your Client Area.

You will find listed in the Client Area all the collections/galleries available to you.
Navigating the site is through a secure connection via HTTPS provided by SSL security. The benefit to the client is knowing your images are in one place accessible from any location. If time is short it’s not necessary to download all of a shoots images at one time but as and when they are needed. Image file sizes are only going to get larger with time and so downloads will take longer. Making sharing large images with colleagues easier.
The key advantages to online image delivery and storage:
  • Fast Secure access
  • Available 24/7
  • Sharing is made easy between colleagues
  • Options to change the level of security and permissions ( From fully secure login requiring an email address and password, password only, complete open access hidden from public view or publicly viewable.)
  • Proofing tools enabling easy collaboration and selection of images between colleagues and the photographer.

The service is operated and maintaned by a US based company called Photoshelter. In its 12 year history, Photoshelter has had 100% durability. Never losing a single bit of data. With a reliability track record of greater than 99.99% uptime. Every aspect of PhotoShelter’s infrastructure has redundancy, from the network level to the server level to the individual drives that store photos and videos. They have multiple data centers and multiple network providers at each data centre. Which is why some of the world’s most prestigious brands and organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, health care organizations and federal agencies, with extreme security and reporting requirements trust Photoshelter to hold their data.

Since adopting online image storage and delivery I have always wondered what a data centre is and how it operates to provide vast unlimited storage and redundancy. I had seen images of server rooms with vast corridors of server cabinets with bright colourful LED’s but I had no idea of the infrastructure which surrounds and enables these small black boxes we have all now become so dependant on to operate 24 hrs without missing a beat.

Data Centre - Security

I decided to visit a local Data Centre to understand better where the internet lives. They are extremely secure with two and even three stage entry requiring Photo ID.









Data Centre - Climate ControlThe data hall where the data lives is dust free and climate controlled with hot air being pumped out and replaced by cool air.
Data Centre Hall

Centres will often have power back up with fuses and circuits duplicated. Should the mains electrical power fail UPS (uninterrupted power supply) batteries kick in until the onsite generators start up.Data Centre Circuit Backup

Finally the entire site is protected by a huge fire suppression system using inert gas to reduce oxygen levels to a safe level to suppress a fire but also allow personnel to escape safely.

Fire Suppression

Taking a screen shot or capture of your iphone display

Only just found out how easy it is to take a screen shot of your iphone screen. By this I mean the ability to take a photograph or copy the iphone screen to your Photos folder on the iphone. This is useful if you want to store  information that might only be available when you have an internet connection, copy a message, or if you need to quickly send an error message for technical support.

Once your iphone is displaying the page you want to capture e.g. a webpage, email, message etc. follow these steps.

1) Simply press the Home button and the On/Off/Lock switch at the same time.

2) As you press the Home button and On/off Switch simultaneously the screen will flash white and a camera shutter will sound. You have then captured a screen shot of your iphone screen and this can be viewed in Photos.

If you get the timing wrong Siri will open or you will lock the iphone.

I believe this works for all iphone/ipad’s running iOS 2.0 or higher.



Is the face of corporate photography changing?

The constant online presence that companies are now adopting means that the need for staff to appear friendly and approachable is more desirable than the old style stuffy boardroom corporate image. Making a first and lasting impression is vital in keeping your clients up to date. The ever present website and staff profile page means that the corporate image is now more important than ever before; we see company employees enjoying themselves on Facebook often at charity events, or making new connection on LinkedIn and Twitter. Companies are no longer seen as a single entity but as a group of individuals taking their place online. The representation and use of avatars is very important in that role, no one wants to see the profile image with an anonymous silhouette.

For the past 2 years I have been asked increasingly to provide images suitable for social media websites when undertaking corporate headshot photography. This has meant fulfilling briefs which ask for approachable, friendly and eye catching images of staff. Understanding how Avatars are used is part of this process. An Avatar is an image used to represent yourself on the internet, typically it is used on social media websites such as facebook, twitter etc. Gamers also use them to represent themselves inside a game environment. It is an image which uses simple compositions, bold colours, and good lighting to represent the subjects personality. It also an image which is adaptable to the different sizes allowed by social media sites, and it helps to break the ice to begin online conversations.

Portrait Avatar for Twitter example

The avatar image is usually cropped to a square and some sites will allow you to position the crop where you want and others will do this automatically. So its best to choose an image which works well as a square initially. If you are going to crop the image yourself, its usually also best to crop to an image size no less than at about 180px x180px, most sites will reduce this size. So at least you can start with a better quality size and then let the site reduce the dimesions without loosing any quality. You will also have a file which uploads very quickly. For reference I have provided a some typical avatar sizes used by the common social media websites. Read More >


A professional photographer will be able to create a well lit and composed image which will jump out of the screen. Images need to have a lot of punch. This can be achieved with careful lighting and a good choice of background. If you intend to take the image yourself the best approach is find a location with colour and no confusing clutter. Make sure you face any available light source and then think about how you want your personality to be reflected.

The changing nature of corporate photography is still bound by restraints such as time and budget, but there is a greater amount of flexibility and creativity due to the need for a strong, corporate online presence. Boundaries are being broken through due to the informality of social networking sites, creating a more individualised and friendly corporate face.

Sawston Fun Run Photography 9th May 2010

More race event photography – A Fun run this time, can’t wait to see what people dress up and get up to!! Check back here for updates on image availability or alternatively book mark the gallery page! The Sawston fun is apparently the biggest event of its kind in the UK. (IMAGES AVAILABLE NOW – visit the gallery here)

Organised originally by Sawston Village College the Fun Run has since 2001 been organised by the Sawston and District Rotary Club it has raised over  £319,000 in its 24 year history and attracts over 1100 entrants.

Good Luck and see you there!