Natural Light Portraits

Examples of natural light (or ‘available daylight’ a more accurate description) corporate staff portraits and portraits for private clients in London and locally within Surrey. Shooting with only the available light can be difficult to master. There are many considerations to account for such as time of day, light direction, reflected colours, background, choice of lens, iso and shutter speed /aperture.

The beauty of working with only the available light without adding supplementary lighting, is the ability to setup quickly with minimal and lightweight equipment which is always good if you have to haul gear up stairs or a long way from a parked car. More importantly it allows you to focus on the subject, is less distracting and intimidating for the subject and is very flattering if the ratio of shadow to highlight is balanced well.

corporate staff portrait for website taken in surrey, united kingdom

Natural light Nurse portrait Natural light theatre nurse portrait

Baby portrait - Surrey series

Hotel Staff, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka LinkedI Social Media portrait Portrait of female consultant surgeon

Cambridge University Botanic Garden Photography

Results from the Cambridge University Botanic Garden commission, to photograph children enjoying the Botanic Gardens surroundings and activities. Before undertaking this project I spent some time scouting locations with the marketing manager to find suitable places for children to enjoy and interact with the garden. There were so many beautiful and interesting options I new it would probably be best to stick to just a few places rather than tackling a long list of locations.  Otherwise tiring the children and  loosing their attention span.

There were in total about 12 children on the day, all were very enthusiastic and full of energy. My approach was to allow the children freedom to interact and enjoy themselves but to also set up and pose situations where the children might interact or find fun. Such as looking into fish ponds, hiding under tree branches or creeping through bamboo. Always keeping a mindful eye on the unexpected. I beleive the results are very natural and capture the fun atmosphere of the mornings shoot.

All images were shot available light with some fill from reflectors. The gardens are very interesting and diverse, with some wonderful views and trails throughout. More than enough for any photographer to get their teeth into, if you enjoy photographing nature and landscapes.

Photographs of Children enjoying Botanic Gardens

Photographs of Children enjoying Botanic Gardens

Photographs of Children enjoying Botanic Gardens

Photographs of Children enjoying Botanic Gardens

News: Cambridgeshire Mencap Photography and New Website!

At the begining of the summer of 2009  I was asked by the marketing and communications team of Cambridgeshire Mencap to undertake photography for a new website and to update existing library images. The work involved visiting many of the homes, services and activities of the service users over a period of just under 3 months. With the aim of the photography to capture creative natural and fun images of volunteers, activities and service users.

Work is now complete on the new Cambridgeshire Mencap website and the site is now live. Cambridgeshire Mencap is a charity based in Cambridge, UK and supports local people with learning disabilities. Their important work encompasses supported living, access to community activites and training. They also support parents and carers providing them with information, advice on relevant issues and backup when they need a rest. Undertaking photography work for Mencap was a real joy and great learning experience for me, and gave me a better insight into the lives of those with learning disabilities and the conditions associated with having a learning disability. As well as the parents and people who support and care for them.

More information about this interesting commission and examples of the results can be viewed here.