Sawston Fun Run 15 May 2011

Sawston Fun Run images available now! View Gallery Wonderful weather in Cambridgeshire today for an excellent and Fun Run through Sawston village.

Latest Commission: Photographer in Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens new website is now live. Results from 2 days of intensive photography is displayed throughout the site.

Previous post on the photographer at the garden. Cambridge-university-botanic-garden-photography

Latest Commission: SAPS Science and Plants for Schools Photographer

After a successful photography commission for the Cambridge University Botanic Garden I was recommended to the Marketing team at SAPS based at the Botanic Garden in Cambridge to take photographs for some of their new marketing collateral.  The photography undertaken was very similar to the previous shoot for the CUBG except that all the children were 15 -16 and were visiting the garden as part of a week long tour of Cambridge University. Obviously this meant that I was capturing reportage style images with very little intervention or posing of the subjects. The brief was to capture the students looking interested  and engaged in there activities.

Photographer in Cambridge Science & Plants for Schools

Cambridge Science & Plants for Schools

Have you ever wanted to find a footpath with Google maps?

Where’s the path‘ helps you do that. By displaying a UK Ordnance Survey (OS) map side by side with a google map you can scroll and zoom both in synchrony to find a location. footpath andcycle routes. There are many options for displaying different types of OS and google maps even looking at OS maps from the 1930’s. If like me you enjoy walking and don’t always have the right OS map or you want to quickly check a location this is very useful. This is especially useful for someone that lives in Surrey where footpaths are abundant.  It is also a very useful photography location scouting tool.

Surrey Photographer Alex Orrow

where's my map in cambridge image

Screen shot ‘Where’s the Path’

Sawston Fun Run 2010 – Images Available Now

Well done to all those that took part and showed support for the event.

Images taken at the Sawston Fun Run 9th May 2010 are available online now. Visit the Sawston Fun Run gallery to see all the competitors in action, the wonderful supporters and all the fun.

Enjoy the slideshow full screen!!

Not sure who to vote for?

If your not sure who to vote for in the forth coming UK elections on the 5th May. This site may help you decide Vote for Policies. The idea is that you read anonymously the key points from all the parties manifestos then decide which you like the most. The site will then provide you with a breakdown of how you scored. So you may found you have voted for mostly Labour policies, but you may have found you also voted for BNP and the Green party polices as well. Its an interesting way of comparing the different policies on all the main issue of Crime, Welfare, Immigration, Education and Environment etc.

Not sure wether this helps decide with local election candidates. In Cambridge it might be useful.

Commercial Photographer Alex Orrow website and Portfolio Update

A new facility is now available for clients and image buyers to access photographs online via a gallery website. The galleries can be configured to be accessible to specific clients and only by those invited. Public access galleries of commercially available stock photography and personal event photography are accessible by anyone and are fully searchable. Full resolution downloads can be made available as well as the ability to create a lightbox of favourite images which in turn can be shared with other registered users. All galleries are equipped with social media sharing tools and email tools. Tools are also available to provide code to embed slideshows on a website or blog of choice.

The galleries can be accessed via the client area of my  commercial portfolio website or by invitation. An internet search of a gallery name could also provide another access point.

Go Beyond Ultra – Mud & Mayhem Race Photography – Gallery removed

Images from this event are now no longer available.

Go Beyond’s Mud and Mayhem off road Duathlon was as you would expect a little like that, except without the mayhem the whole event was very well organised! For instance free tea, coffee and jelly babies were my points of interest. The event began with heavy snowfall and then almost continuous rain throughout in freezing temperatures. I did keep warm by running between the cycle and running sections of the event but I still could not get ahead of  the very fittest. It was great to meet some of the competitors and see them all in action, especially those who were competing for the first time. I am looking forward to returning in March at the second Mud and Mayhem event.

All the photographs were shot as RAW using D3s with either 80-200mm f2.8 or 24-70mm f2.8 with KATA rain jacket. Processed and uploaded to PS using Lightroom. To see all the images from the event hit the slideshow above.