Logging In For The First Time

When you first receive a delivery note to view a gallery of images or collection, you will need to create your own password associated with your email. After entering a password an account will be created and you will be given access to the image gallery and your Client Area. All past photoshoots can be accessed from the the Client Area or from your organisations main Collection page.

When you click the link in your delivery note you will he taken straight to the Login page. If you have you have not already created a password, you can quickly create one as needed by clicking ‘LOG IN‘ then on the next page ‘sign up for a free account‘. Its important to use the email that you received the delivery note with. For simplicity you can skip the two prior steps and go straight to the Account Sign Up page here if you prefer > https://alexorrowphotography.photoshelter.com/signup/signup/free


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