Lightbox Overview


You can create a lightbox to keep track of your image selections, collaborate with others and share these selections with colleagues or with myself. The recipient of a shared Lightbox must also have an account and have received an email invite granting permission to view the images.

Create a New Lightbox

Find the lightbox button in the header menu of the gallery page.



Create and name new lightbox.




You can now begin to add images to this lightbox from within your chosen gallery. Open each image you would like add by double clicking the image thumbnail. On the right side of the image page you will see a button + ADD TO LIGHTBOX.





Choose your lightbox to add the image to.


Share Lightbox

Once images have been added you can then share this lightbox with other people or with me. To do this use the SHARE button located within the lightbox you want to share. See image below:

Screen shot lightbox share button

Then select the photographer ‘Alex Orrow’ and/or enter an email address of the person(s) you want to share with. If the recipient person has not received an invite to view the images contained in the gallery your selecting from, they wont be able to access the Lightbox images. Instructions here for first time users logging In.

Tick the appropriate box to allow those you share with to in turn share your lightbox, provide access to rate, comment or sort the images. Please make sure  ‘Allow person to invite others’ and ‘Allow person to remove, rate, sort and comment on images’ is ticked.

Screen shot lightbox share settings










Its possible to change these settings later from within the lightbox and change how you want to share the lightbox for each person invited. You can do this by selecting ‘Sharing’ and the persons name you want to alter the settings for while viewing the lightbox. See image below:

Screen shot of lightbox sharing settings

Rating Images

Once images are in the lightbox and you have shared the lightbox. Its possible for you and collegues to colloborate on choosing the best images by providing ratings (stars out of five) and comments to individual images. A matrix will be created allowing everyone to see each others preferred choices.

Screen shot of Lighbox matrix