2014 Roundup

2014 has been a wirlwind year. My duaghter Eleanor was born in May and she is a beautiful joy to spend time with. Between power naps and nappy changes the last year has proven especially busy with lots of travel both abroad and in the UK. Photoshoot trips to regions of the UK I would not otherwise have visited and journeys further afield to Barcelona. I have been privileged to meet some amazing healthcare staff and see them at work. It’s been a pleasure to continue to collaborate with my long standing clients, producing creative work for annual reports, websites, marketing and advertising. I am looking forward to producing and developing more creative output in 2015.

I have also upgraded and added new equipment to my kit. The Nikon D810 and D800 currently the only DSLR 35mm cameras capable of producing 36 megapixel files, the largest digital image files available from a camera in this class. In conjunction with this I have upgraded my computer and storage in order to maintain an efficient workflow that can handle the larger files sizes produced by the D800 cameras.

Below is a small sample of photography completed during 2014.

London Bridge Hospital & The Shard

Recent commission for HCA Healthcare. Photograph taken of London Bridge Hospital riverside facade with River Thames at high tide, dusk lighting, clear skies and a deadline within 7 days. This  was probably a once a month occurrence and it was pure luck and constant weather watching which enabled all the elements to come together as well they did. After checking with the Port of London Authority for tide times at the correct location, I could see which dates would have high tide during the twilight golden hour. I just needed good weather. This was taken on the only day of good of weather during the only window of opportunity I had to complete the work on time and within the deadline date.

London Bridge Hospital and Shard Building

2012 Highlights

Looking back over some of the wonderful highlights from 2012, the many varied people and locations all of which made the year a fun and creative experience.

New Icon for Cambridge – Cambridge Biomedical Campus

The new Cambridge Biomedical Campus at Addenbrooks, Cambridge, UK. Gallery here Always pass this on my cycle ride to Cambridge, and love the way the light falls on the metal cladding. Looking forward to seeing it completed and all the fencing disappear.

Addenbrookes Biomedical Campus

Addenbrookes Biomedical Campus

Addenbrookes Biomedical Campus

Addenbrookes Biomedical Campus